The Vitamix Blender – The Ultimate Healthy Kitchen Appliance

A lot of people have seen the Vitamix blender, among the top inexperienced appliances for food and are curious about what it does and the benefits of having one. In this article, you’ll discover the advantages of owning one as well as what you should consider when deciding if the Vitamix blender is the right one for you.


I’ve had the Vitamix for over 6 years, and still am in love with mine. This Vitamix blender isn’t your typical blender. It’s got two peak HP motor. If you’ve been to the smoothie bar you love or seen a professional cooking show on T.V. most likely, you’ve had a look at one. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it before. Vitamix blender can be so effective that professional chefs utilize it to easily blend ingredients that a vitamix e310 vs e320 blender  standard blender may not be capable of. If you’re an experienced chef or a home cook who is enthusiastic it means that your salad dressings, sauces soups, and sauces will be able to have a perfect smooth and silky texture.


Are you a fan of smoothies? Do you like smoothies? Vitamix blender can crush frozen and ice to create professional looking frozen fruit smoothies. It’s robust enough to create a fresh fruit sorbet from frozen fruit and other ingredients.


Love homemade vegetable soup? The Vitamix can blend your favorite veggies and broth to make a hot soup without any additional cooking needed. This is due to the friction created by the spinning blades of the Vitamix will make the soup of blended vegetables if the soup is left to blend for long enough.


Are you looking to create your own baking flour? If you buy the dry blade, it will effortlessly grind various grains and make homemade flour. It’s also great at grinding flax and Chia seeds. No grinding equipment needed. It’s never been easier to incorporate fiber-rich flax seed powder to your diet.


If you are looking to improve your health to the next step, you should start juicing vegetables. The Vitamix’s motors are so powerful that it can blend vegetables like chopped carrots, along with water. Then, you can filter the blended carrots, and have a carrot juice, without the need for a juicer!


8 years ago , I started an entirely vegetarian diet it’s hard to imagine being capable of maintaining my healthy life with out my Vitamix. Every morning, I make my husband and me green smoothies that include the fruits and leafy greens like spinach and kale. The Vitamix blends well with the leafy greens. Other blenders with less power don’t like chunks of the greens floating around in the drink. Yuck!


To eat lunch, I could prepare a tomato soup blended in my Vitamix, using bell pepper, tomatoes garlic, olive oil cayenne pepper, salt. Then I mix it till it’s only warm, there is so there is no need to cook it in the stove.


In the evening, I can make an incredible creamy, non-dairy dressing using my Vitamix made with pine nuts and olive oil lemon juice, water garlic and salt. It’s so smooth that it doesn’t taste like dairy!


As a dessert, I may prepare a non-dairy dessert using the Vitamix, like a vegan cheesecake made of honey and cashews that have been soaked in honey!




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